Sunday, 22 January 2012


Above is a personal piece. Done on A3 paper using pens. Will eventually be painted I think :)


Lately i've been feeling restless. Cheltenham is nice, but its smaaaallll and every so often its healthy to leave it all behind and to get away. My mate Kellie was feeling the same, so naturally we said 'LETS GO TO WALES'.

As you do.

Kellie and I took a Friday off work and we went to a Red Kite sanctuary in Wales somewhere (can't remember where exactly but it was a tiny village) and witnessed about 200 of the birds flocking around a pile of meat

The birds were massive. It was a very strange sight.
Then we decided to head to Aberystwyth only to witness more flocks of strange birds. Im not really sure what they were. Possibly starlings? What ever they were, they did an amazing job of shitting all over Kellie's car.

It was all VERY surreal.

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