Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Commissions and such

Yesterday at work we were given stress balls and glow sticks. Rhy burst her stress ball, and my glow stick exploded.
We shouldnt be allowed nice things.

Here is a collection of werebeasties that I have been commissioned by various people. Getting paid to draw werewolves is the best thing thing ever.

And here are few things that I have neglected to upload here. This is a gift for a very dear friend of mine for her birthday.  Yes its a dragon sitting on an onion. I cant be arsed to explain. MANY MANY hours of inking. I think she liked it :)
Also a couple of wofies done in ballpoint pen

Also the Manimal shirts that I got commissioned to do are on sale! I got sent a couple and they are BRILLIANT. The green one is my favourite, really good quality.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Damn you Seal!

This weekend I have not left the house.
Not even once.

Still in my PJ's now infact.


Spent the entire two days in my own filth and drawing and painting roses for a client.
This has meant that ive had Kiss by a rose by Seal in my head for the entire weekend.
I like drawing flowers ^^

Saturday, 3 September 2011


My contract for the call centre expired in July and they rehired me in September. This gave me the chance to draw all summer and visit friends that I hadnt seen in a while. Also managed to get 7 commissions done for private clients too. Only 7 more to go!

I want to draw more and with more variety. I think ill challenge myself to do just that. and upload it here.